The path to creativity

Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” is an excellent guide to the creativity. I got to know Julia Cameron’s books a few years ago, and since then I have had the habit of writing Morning Pages: three pages of stream of consciousness as soon as I wake up. According to Cameron, creativity is a child playing, and the Morning Pages are part of the creativity exercise, in which creativity is lured out gently.

Cameron presents a number of different exercises, and many of them sound quite simple and easy to implement. For example, the color exercise I did in the following way: I chose the color green, and I began to write what comes to my mind.

Foliage, which the sun filters through
Fern curved tips
Cale withered leaf, which serves dew drops
Avocado split surface
Velvet, moss, wine bottle
Chinese platter, a pair of Egyptians slippers
Lipstick shell, mint drops box
The door of my childhood home
Wooden jewelery box
Photo album

In this exercise, it was amazingly clear to see how the subconscious works. The first associations are accurate observations, but not at all personal. More detailed remarks follow, and eventually the memories will become more personal. Stream of Consciousness usually works like this for me. When you at first write current forms of mental images out of the way, consciousness may arise in something important.


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