Day in Tallinn

I decided to visit Tallinn this time all alone. I wanted to test whether it is possible to only visit art museum, eat and drink without any shopping.

The ship arrives at the port of Tallinn before noon. Because I skipped breakfast, I’m going to go straight to eat lunch. I walk in the direction of the residential area called Kalamaja (Fish House), which is nowadays well-known for good restaurants. Unfortunately, the weather is not suitable for a long walk. It’s raining and the wind is blowing cold drizzle. The first restaurant that I can find is called Diip (Address Soo 1/6), and it seems really nice.

The restaurant’s menu and all the small details tell that the restaurant uses high-quality traditional ingredients with modern touch. My smoked pork fillet with apple wine sauce is really wonderful. For a drink I choose tasty Estonian beer Saku. The price is reasonable compared to the quality of the food. I’ll be sure to visit Diip again.

The main destination of my visit is KUMU, the art museum. The museum is quite new and super modern building, which is located in the old picturesque Kadriorg Park. I take the tram there and walk past the swan pond where I see two black swans gliding by. The park is remarkably beautiful and I only hope that the weather would be nicer.

The museum’s permanent exhibition presents Estonian art from the early 1700’s to the present day. On the upper floor has changing exhibitions of contemporary art. In particular, I’m pleased to see the works of famous Estonian artists as Villu Jaanisoo and Paul Raud. The museum itself is a great experience and I spend three hours there.

I still have time for coffee and cakes. Reval Café coffee shop chain is my favorite in Tallinn. You will find a lovely coffee, a good selection of wonderful cakes and amazingly low prices there. Sometimes I wish that I could drop over the bay only for a morning cup of coffee.

Did I finally succeed not to buy anything? I did almost, if not taken into account the selection of cheeses and a couple of bottles of red wine. But I don’t count it for shopping because they are necessities.


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