My Book Club and the Lovely Dashwood Girls

My book club made ​​a trip to the theater. Yes, my book club. I am always proud when I get to mention “My book club.” We have read books and discussed them online, but for a change we decided to break away from home, go to the theater and discuss about the play over dinner in the waterfront restaurant. Helsinki City Theatre presented a suitable play for us: Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. It was interesting to see how the lovely Dashwood ladies and gentlemen were presented on the stage. And first and foremost it was wonderful to meet all my co-reader ladies live.

I enjoyed the play from start to finish. Actor selection was appropriate. Elinor was responsible, but frisky in charming way and Marianne was absolutely full of emotion. Edward was sweet and shy while Colonel Brandon was patient and loyal. Wickham was fairly distant and snooty. The comic elements of the book were used with insight appropriately in the spirit of Austen. The modern side of the fitting was represented by a meager set design.

We went to dinner at the nearby restaurant, which is located beautifully by the sea. While sipping prosecco we talked about the play. The story is familiar to all of us, and we all agreed that the play was a success. We were in high spirits when we chose for dinner. Asparagus and salmon with morel sauce were much appreciated.

There’s no shortage of the readable books. Each of us in turn suggests a book to be read, and the choice seems always to be pre-thought-out. We have two books in line waiting for the following discussions. Miia Kankimäki’s Things that make the heart beat faster is a travel book from Japan. After that comes Fine just the way it is by Annie Proulx. Our book club clearly favors books by female writers.


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