I was at the market place with my aunt. She asked me if I wanted a piggy. I was a serious kind of a kid, not older than five years, and I remember that I considered the question carefully. There was a pig farm in our village, not far from my home, so I really had a good understanding of the pigs. I knew that they were not very cute and they smelled. I would have preferred to get a kitten or a lamb. So I refused politely.


I found out later what my aunt meant by a piggy. It was a big flat donut which was filled with jam. Corners of the donut were twisted so that they resembled pork feet. Oh, I was annoyed afterwards! Why I didn’t accept one when offered! I think I still feel the emptiness, the never-ending lack of donut. Because of that or some other reason I love to go to the market place to have a coffee and pastry. A piggy seems to be smaller nowadays but fresh and tasty it still is.

Market places are the heart of all Finnish towns. You can get fresh local products there, have a coffee and leisurely chit-chat. Each town has its own local specialty of food and handicrafts. If you travel in Finland I recommend that you visit a marketplace so you can get a good idea of local life.



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