The blog title is a quote from a poem of e.e cummings. It reminds me that towards every negative thought we need five positive idea – to keep the balance. More posts are coming soon.

“though your sorrows not
any tongue may name,
three i’ll give you sweet
joys for each of them
But it must be your”
whispers that flower

murmurs eager this
“i will give you five
hopes for any fear,
but it Must be your”
perfectly alive
blossom of a bliss

“seven heavens for
just one dying, i’ll
give you” silently
cries the(whom we call
rose a)mystery
“but it must be Your”


9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. “towards every negative thought we need five positive idea”

    Started to think about this one and I think that I have five negative thoughts towards every positive idea.. Need to really make a change 😛

  2. I remember this from one lecture ages ago: psychologists define the ideal positive/negative ratio for happiness to be 5:1. It primarily concerns the feedback that you receive or give. I thought it can just as well apply ones own thoughts. Positive thinking is necessary; I myself, I am afraid to fail every day.

  3. What a lovely thought and beautiful wish. I’m comforted by it and will look for the 5 hopes any time fear confronted me. But it must be mine.

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